Monday, November 14, 2011


introducing 13th hour, another one of my collections for kaisercraft.
the overall theme is dark and moody, and i was inspired especially by time and numbers.
the name reflects a time that doesn't exist, a 13th hour, a mystery.


another day. another print.
a simple little kewpie doll design.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


well it seems pretty fitting that on my thirteenth blog post, i am posting about one of my amazing friends.
because you see among many other things, the number thirteen, without a doubt
reminds me of her. thirteen is her number... and this is her print.
i designed this typography print, for one of my best friends, she is an extremely talented dancer,
and i wanted to give her something special to put up in her house.
i was so excited to give it to her, and equally excited when she told me she LOVED it, YAY!
and i just realised today is also the thirteenth of november...weird.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

and the party continues.

here's another look at some of my little party animals.

it's party time.

introducing PARTY ANIMALS!
another one of my collections for kaisercraft.
this fun, bright and playful range was one of my favourite projects to work on. 
i really enjoyed creating all the party animal characters, and tried to make them as cute 
and adorable as possible. the collection is a combination of a quirky circus
and celebration, all wrapped up in cheerful colours and patterns.

a favourite dress of mine.

this is a gorgeous friend of mine photographed by me, in a favourite dress of mine.
it was my mum's. she wore it on her twenty first birthday.
it is a beautiful black and gold dress, fitted at the top and flowing at the bottom.
it had to be photographed.

Monday, November 7, 2011


juicy orange.
and one more for good luck. my third and final fruit pattern, a simple and sweet orange.
summer is on it's way.

feeling fruity?

juicy pear.
okay so i was feeling fruity, and didn't stop at the juicy apple pattern.
here's a little pear pattern i whipped up as well.
something fun, playful and fruity!

juicy apple

juicy apple.
just a simple repetitive pattern using the juicy apples from my below print.
something sweet.

fly high

fly high

another print out of the bag.
flying high and feeling happy that my blog is up and running!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

apple pie and lemon slice.

nan's favourites.
a little favourite - another paper collection of mine, for kaisercraft.
nan's favourites is a retro-vintage kitchen themed collection, designed to remind
you of all the delicious sweet treats you look forward to baking.. and well eating.

secret bird society.

secret bird society paper collection.
introducing secret bird society - one of my paper collections for kaisercraft.
this collection was inspired by vintage botanical drawings, old encyclopedias 
and books, flora and fauna and old fashioned fabrics. i really love the colour combination.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh snap.

some gypsy inspired snaps i took a while back.
i love to take photos, it's just something about capturing moments.

first treat out of the bag.

la. la. land
my very first print, made especially for my new blog.
i have finally got my act together.
i have started my very own blog - a project and idea i have been
dreaming about for quite some time now.
my own little world. my la la land.
i hope you enjoy getting lost in it.

the start.

begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then STOP.
well i guess this is where i begin...
a lovely mixed bag.