Thursday, February 23, 2012

day twenty one, two and three. whoops.


"where you work"

"favourite photo of you"

okay so i have been a TAD bit slack recently, but i just couldn't find the time to get on to post recently.
been so very busy, so today i have a triple dose.

"favourite photo of you" this one was real tricky. since i had been using all illustrations,
how was i going to illustrate my own favourite photo, and more important how was i going to pick a favourite photo? this was the toughest one yet. so i picked one of my recent fave photos, three cheeky monkeys AKA myself and the wonderful designers i work with. SNAP.

"where you work" this illustration is meant to represent the wide variety of things i am able to design at my work, and also the freedom i am allowed as a designer. but most of all, the happy environment i work in, and the hilarious girls that surround me.

and last but not least "shoes" - these are not a real pair of shoes i actually own.
although i do own quite a few pairs of converse's. today at work whilst waiting for things to save, i found my self drawing triangle patterns, so triangle patterned converse's i guess?

happy thursday! x

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