Monday, May 7, 2012

busy busy busy.

OKAY. so.
neglecting is an understatement.
busy is definitely an understatement.
and as much as i have been dying to get back onto my blog - 
busy-ness has stopped me for weeks.
one of my close friends was curious as to why i haven't posted
in a while (let's be honest AGES)
well... for him, and everyone else who is interested, here's a sneaky peek
at what i have been up too... enjoy.

emma hearts patty. a lovely engagement.

award love.

*please note all images are my own -  and were either photographed or designed by me.
a lovely mixed bag.

special thanks again (i know it's delayed, but still) to rebecca at littletree for the award.

let me know what you think?



  1. Love the print and the photographs are wonderful! They're all yours? I'm impressed. You are so talented! Love the b&w ones esp. They're a v good looking couple aren't they?

  2. thank you so much for your lovely comments anna! i love to take photos - but would never really call myself a photographer. they are all mine - and definitely, it helps having two very good looking friends to photograph :)


    a lovely mixed bag

  3. Hi there Jessica, just thought I'd pop in and say I love your taste in illustration, and your photography style. I've really been getting into scandinavian vintage style pattern recently, and when I saw your choice of blog images I thought, wowee, you've definitely got an eye for lovely stuff :-) xx Busy Squirrel

    1. hello catherine, so very glad to hear that you have enjoyed looking at my work - i really appreciate your kind comments. all of the images you see on my blog are my very own, so it always means alot to me when i hear that someone is enjoying their visit to a lovely mixed bag. thank you again for your comments, and also for following :)


      a lovely mixed bag.